View Seattle (14 December 2020) – Pre-prepared wine is proud to announce the launch of A.G. sweet and dry vermouth. Perino dry and sweet vermouth. DE G.A. Perino is made by the famous winemaker Hal Landvoite and has 15 years of experience. Inspired by late night cocktails and bar conversations in Düsseldorf, Precept founder and CEO Andrew Brown Landvoigt challenged to create a vermouth of exceptional quality and value. They then spent more than a decade studying production methods, consulting with expert artisans, winemakers and bartenders, and tasting samples from around the world as part of an epic journey to create the best vermouth for everyday use.

A.G. Perino uses high quality wines and natural aromas to make vermouth in the classic Italian style. If the G.A. Perino is perfect for classic cocktails like Negroni or Manhattan, it is also designed to be simply excellent on ice. While many manufacturers use leftovers and existing ingredients to make vermouth, I developed A.G. Perino out of nowhere, just like making the best gin in the world, said Landvoigt. The base wine is just as important as the extra layers of flavour captured by herbs and plants. I wanted vermouth with a distinctive flavor.

Landvoigt’s colleague, Alex Evans, Marketing Director at Precept, mentioned the vermouth in recognition of the Perino family, old friends who love to celebrate their family’s rich Italian heritage. Every Sunday the Perino’s come together to share good wine, good food and good company, including delicious Negroni cocktails by Anthony G. Perino. It’s a privilege to name this vermouth after them, Mr. Evans said.

With fresh, modern packaging and an exceptional $9.99 MSRP, A.G. Perino brings enthusiasm and innovation into a growing category that has seen 35% dollar growth over the past 26 weeks. (Source: Nielsen, end 11/28/20 Total US xAOC + Liq Plus and Total US Convenience).

A.G.’s dry vermouth. Perino is fresh, shiny and spicy. It starts with notes of citrus peel, followed by aromas of laurel, lemongrass, cucumber, lanolin, grapefruit and white pepper. It goes well with bourbon, rye whiskey, gin and tequila or on ice with a twist of lemon.

Vermouth A.G. Perino Sweet is colorful with layers of botanical flavors. Golden caramel in color, opens with woody notes of balm and cloves and continues with warm flavors of walnut, peel, vanilla, honey and Ceylon cinnamon. Enjoy it on ice with an orange topping or mix it with bourbon, rye whiskey and other strong alcohols.

With more and more people experimenting with domestic mixology, there’s never been a better time to discover A.G. Perino. For local accounts, no other vermouth can offer the value and quality of this vermouth. I challenge anyone to find the best vermouth under $20, Brown said.

A.G.’s sweet and dry vermouths. Perino’s dry and sweet vermouths are distributed across the country and are available online at

on the wine in the recipe:

Seattle Precept Wine is the largest private wine producer in the Pacific Northwest and is among the top 12 American wine producers. With deep roots representing more than 30 years of investment in the Northwest wine industry, the Prescription owns and maintains nearly 4.000 acres of vineyards planted in Washington State, Idaho, New Mexico and Oregon; major wine brands include Waterbrook, Gruet, Browne Family Vineyard, Canoe Ridge Wine, Home Wine, Garland, Primarius, Washington Hills, Battle Creek Cellars, Callaway Cellars, Ste. Chapel, Kense and A.G. Perino, as well as tasting and hospitality rooms throughout the Pacific Northwest and in New Mexico. Founded in 2003 by Andrew Brown and Dan Baty, the company’s wineries have collected more than 800 purchases with critical scores of over 90 points. For more information, please visit


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