Simultaneous introduction of the world’s greenest and most effective anti-TSA technology for both natural solid and cork stoppers.

Napa, January 19, 2021 – Amorim, a global leader in cork products, today announced the launch of its Naturity and Xpür technologies, developed to eliminate the detectable TCA of natural cork and create a new micro agglomerated cork segment, respectively.

Naturity’s patent-pending technological research began in 2016 with the NOVA School of Science and Technology and is based on the principles of thermal desorption using a patented and disjointed method of pressure, temperature, purified water and time. No artificial elements are used in this process, which facilitates the extraction of over 150 volatile compounds, including TCAs. Launched in the U.S. and around the world, the Naturity service expands the range of undetectable TCAs in the natural cork product segment while improving the operational performance of NDTech, an advanced screening service that individually analyzes and removes any natural cork with more than 0.5 nanograms per liter (ng/L) of TCA*.

Extensive bottling tests at various wineries have produced exemplary results to measure the effect of treatment on cork performance. Further third-party testing will be carried out as soon as possible at the Heisenheim Institute in Germany and at the Camden and Chorleywood laboratories in the United Kingdom.

Another development announced today is Amorim’s Xpür technology, which is designed to improve the freedom of TCA detection for micro-agglomerate closures. Xpür improves on the traditional application of supercritical CO2 developed decades ago by combining the concept with 21st century technology. Century revised and modernized. Amorim’s new innovative approach uses only 25% of the energy and only 10% of the CO2 emissions previously required.

In addition, Xpür achieves TCA reduction results of up to 0.3 ng/L in treated microglomerated closures, while leaving the physical and mechanical properties of the closure intact. As a result, Amorim’s micro-agglomerated corks have the highest possible percentage of cork and no additional chemical solutions are required to preserve cork’s natural properties of compressibility and expansion.

Xpür is used to treat Neutrocork Premium and QORK technical closures – the latter uses an innovative binder based on 100% vegetable polyols, which is expected to reduce the number of disposable plastic closures worldwide by several million.

Commenting on this milestone, Antonio Amorim, Chairman and CEO, said: These technologies are the result of solid financial investment, time and our team’s commitment to research and development. Despite the obstacles in 2020, we were able to deliver on our promise to achieve undetectable TCA rates for all traffic segments by the end of the year. We are committed to our 30,000 customers worldwide to ensure the quality and consistency of our products and that consumer preference for cork continues to grow.

For more information, contact Cathy Canfield at O’Donnell Lane at 530-720-1138 or by email at [email protected].

*Not more than 0,5 ng/L; analysis made according to ISO 20752.

About the Cortisera Amorim

Corticeira Amorim is the largest cork recycling group in the world, with an annual turnover of up to 780 million euros. Founded in 1870, today the company has dozens of divisions on five continents. It exports numerous products to over 100 countries and has an extensive network of 30,000 customers. Thanks to its high resilience and negative carbon footprint, Corticeira Amorim offers a range of solutions, materials and applications for some of the most technologically demanding industries, including aerospace, automotive, wine and spirits, construction, sports, energy, as well as interior and product design.

O Amorim Cork America

Amorim Cork America is a North American sales and distribution company based in Napa, CA. We offer first class solutions that guarantee an individual approach tailored to each customer. Amorim Cork America’s sales and management team provides expertise in all aspects of cork sealing to winemakers, distillers, technical support, quality control managers and wine and spirits retailers.


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