Beef stew is one of the most hearty and homemade winter dishes. Rich and delicious – one of our favorite dishes. The combination of tender meat, earthy vegetables and fresh herbs in a thick and delicious sauce is the essence of comfort food.

In the old days, American beef stews were almost all cooked with water and onions. Later versions appeared with beef broth and/or tomato sauce. These days we increasingly see the French with their beef bourguignon, with the major difference being the significant and noisy presence of red wine. After all, what’s better than a beef chop slowly braised in a rich red wine with vegetables until the fork tenderizes and melts in your mouth.

Beef Bourguignon is usually prepared with red Burgundy such as Pinot Noir, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. But that is not necessarily the case, an Argentine Malbec is also a good option, because Argentines know and appreciate their meat. A combination of the above would also be useful and perhaps more fun.

Of course, you want a red wine for the dark fruit and with enough tannin to counteract the rich and tender beef stew. And, of course, never forget the golden rule when cooking with wine: Never use wine you don’t want to drink. So cooking a stew is a good excuse to drink a full-bodied red wine.

Our best red wine for beef goulash comments and comparisons

1. Red Jelly Mix in jar 2015

Main product characteristics

Jelly Jar Red Blend takes its name from the jam jars that early Italian immigrants to California used to bottle their table wines.

This blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other red grapes from California has the full body needed to be used in a beef stew. The following vintages won numerous gold and silver medals at prestigious international wine competitions.


  • Variety: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and various red wines.
  • Title : Lake County, Napa Valley, California…
  • The wine: Jelly jar
  • Alcohol: 14.6%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like in the 2015 red jam jar mix

Lilac and violet offer a surprising aromatic introduction to the dark Burgundy before the more expected jammy red fruits of blackberry, plum and cherry seduce the palate.

The 2015 Jelly Jar Red Blend is a sweet blend of rich black fruit and tannins that complement the richness of beef. If you drink it after or during cooking, hold it in your mouth long enough to be rewarded with a long aroma of dried figs, chocolate, cinnamon and tobacco.

What we don’t like about the 2015 gelatin mix of red bears

Prepare to unlock the difficulty and make the most of this mix, you should unlock it the day before.

Otherwise, with a high alcohol content and perhaps too much tobacco for many, it lacks softness with slightly rough edges.


  • Dark and fruity, it is not dominated by beef.
  • Signature tannins
  • Good red food and table mix


  • It takes time to open up
  • Not as good as I expected.

2.butter and bread Pinot Noir 2018

Main product characteristics

These are the different growing conditions that give the grapes, which come from different vineyards, a character that makes them well suited to the sauce base of a beef stew.

Two cooler regions at the tip of San Pablo Bay on the California coast offer mist and a long growing season for grapes with crisp, fresh, vibrant flavors and crisp acidity.

In Arroyo Seco, located in central Monterey County, the region’s winds foil warm days for sugar-rich grapes and finely tuned acids.

The blend of grapes from these two regions resulted in Pinot Noir Bread & Butter 2018, which won gold at the California State Fair and Wine & Spirits Wholesals of America wine tasting competitions.


  • Variety: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Title : Carneros and Arroyo Seco, California.
  • The wine: Bread and butter
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we want in Pinot Noir Bread and Butter 2018

The natural aromas and flavors of the bread and butter that develop during winemaking give the cellar its name.

Aromas of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, black currant and vanilla give way to smoky, earthy dried meat flavors, especially bacon. It may come as no surprise how well beef can be cooked.

Aged oak brings balance and complexity with notes of cedar and leather.

What we don’t like in Pinot Noir with bread and butter 2018

The first sensation in the mouth for Pinot, less delicate, is slightly more unpleasant than usual. But that, and the woody flavors are stronger than we prefer for the drink, make it better for beef stew.


  • A good balance between sweet and sour
  • Sweet Pinot
  • Interesting and surprising flavours


  • You’d have to love oak.
  • Insufficient complexity

3. Authentic Cabernet Sauvignon myth 2016

Main product characteristics

The Paso Robles ABA, where this Cabo comes from, has a very different geography than previous California wines. Here, it’s the hills and canyons of the Salinas River and back that form the grapes of this Cab, not the Pacific Ocean six miles away.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 True Myth is rich, fruity, full-bodied and sweet. It goes well with grilled steaks, hamburgers, lamb and meat grilled on ice. But it also goes well with meatballs and stews, so it’s no surprise that it’s the ideal solution for a beef stew.


  • Variety: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Title : Paso Robles, California.
  • The wine: A real myth
  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • Bottle size: 750 ml

We love the true myth of Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Elegant aromas of blackberry, blueberry, cherry, blackcurrant, dark chocolate and pepper. Long, lingering flavors of black currants, strawberries, coffee, cedar and caramelized oak. The true myth of Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 captures the warmth of Paso Robles in one bottle.

Rich, flexible and very affordable today, but it will develop well in the coming years. Convenient and affordable, so perfect for drinking and cooking.

What we don’t like about the real Cabernet Sauvignon myth 2016

Too sour and peppery? We got separated in our office. Try it for yourself and see what you think.


  • Full power
  • Shades of black fruit and flowers and other pretty things.
  • A fantastic ending


  • Better South American taxis for this price.
  • A bit subtle and sour

4. Altos Las Hormigas Gualtallari Malbec 2017

Main product characteristics

As we have already written, Argentines know their meat, and this Malbec from Mendoza goes well with many beef dishes, your stew being no exception.

After ups and downs in the past, Altos Las Hormigas managed to win with its Malbec in 2016. This may have something to do with their hiring in different Gualtallary designations, their 2017 sharing as much, if not better, the rewards.


  • Variety: 100% Malbec
  • Title : Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina.
  • The wine: Altos Las Gormigas
  • Alcohol: 14%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about Altos Las Hormigas Gualtallari Malbec 2017

If the nose expresses the Gualtallari desert, but with an unexpected elegance and freshness, the mouth is softer and more serious. Dry, mineral and even chalky, but not too much so as to dominate dark berries and spice.

It manages to be structured but wild enough for a Malbec, with firm tannins that bring freshness and balance to the mouth for a long, delicious finish with hints of violets.

What we don’t like about Altos Las Gormigas Gualtallari Malbec 2017

If you like fruity Malbec rather than mineral, this wine is not for you.


  • Notes of spice and minerals give a complex nose.
  • The best Altos Las Hormigas de Gualtallari so far


  • A bit monotonous and flat

5. Camille Giroud Burgundy red 2017

Main product characteristics

It comes from one of the best producers in Burgundy. Founded in 1865, the Domaine Camille Giroud is legendary. Their famous cellar houses vintages coveted by sommeliers from around the world.

As a regional appellation, the 2017 Camille Giroud Bourgogne Rouge uses the fact that it is made from a blend of Pinot Noir grapes from different vineyards. This means that they can carefully select the best plants from the recognized appellation area.

The fact that the name also means Beef Bourguignon is enough to say that it is a more than good beef stew.


  • Variety: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Title : Burgundy, France
  • The wine: Camille Giroux
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about Camille Giroud Red Burgundy 2017

This silky and subtly aromatic Red Burgundy was aged in barrels for 12 months before being blended in stainless steel tanks after racking.

Powerful with aromas and flavors of juicy strawberries, raspberries and red cherries. Cedar and sandalwood, cooking spices and damp rock give a mineral and earthy character.

Its long, silky finish puts it in the top 4% of all wines in the world.

What we don’t like about Camille Giroud Red Burgundy 2017

It’s smooth and light, but maybe too thin? Some may think that’s not enough.


  • a beautiful Bourgogne
  • Mild and easy drinker.
  • Gives appetite for meat


  • It could take another year or two
  • Where’s the beef?!

6. Norton Privada 2016

Main product characteristics

Dark ruby color, with a hint of smoke among the dark berry aromas; meets a very nice and juicy Argentine red wine – Bodega Norton Privada 2016.

Vinus Antonio Galloni has given this ambitious Bordeaux-style blend of Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon a score of 93+.

Lamb, venison, steak and beef stews are all good choices. Don’t miss out on this magazine as it is incredible value for money.


  • Variety: 40% Malbec, 30% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Title : Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.
  • The wine: Bodega Norton
  • Alcohol: 13.7%
  • Bottle: 750 ml

What we like about Norton Privada 2016

A deep, rich blend with deep flavors of blackberry, black currant, licorice and dark chocolate. Brightened up with purple at the end. The dry and aromatic flavours of dark fruit and dark chocolate are sweet and elegant.

Despite its youth, it already has a complex texture, with a good balance between ripe fruit and chalky minerality. The integration of the three blends with refined tannins and a touch of saline minerality give it power and perseverance.

The name Privada refers to the owner family’s personal reserve, which they originally enjoyed only with their closest friends. Fortunately for us, they are now happy to share it with a wider audience.

What we don’t like about Norton Privada 2016

His strength can also be his weakness, if you can call it that. This young mixture is already juicy enough and drinkable. But if you do, you can’t help but think that it will be even better with more time in the bottle to develop,


  • Deliciously rich in chocolate flavor.
  • Fine wood, chalky intensity and layers of dark berries and spice licorice.
  • Dense, spicy and serious


  • It’s a little rough and not smooth enough.
  • Maybe too young?


Beef stew is a real winter favorite. The rich combination of tender meat, hearty vegetables and earthy spices makes this a welcoming and comforting meal.

What can make it even better is the right red wine for the sauce. And of course for the drinks! It needs a wine with plenty of black fruit and powerful tannins. Otherwise, it gets lost in the richness and flavor of beef stew and other ingredients.

With all this in mind, and with the luck and pleasure of tasting so many excellent full-bodied red wines, we think the best red wine for beef stew would be the Camille Giroud Bourgogne Rouge 2017.

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