The traditional wisdom of blended whisky is that it is an everyday drama created for consistency. It is easy to drink in terms of taste and strength and is generally evaluated in terms of cost.

Although this is true for many people, it is not universal. After all, more and more bottles of mixed whiskies are complex and fascinating, and a handful of them are clearly appreciated as a special sip. Although consistency is always appreciated, many blends are produced in limited quantities, so bottles that are difficult to duplicate are as little as single malt.

Think of Hedonism Felicitas, whose Compass Box celebrates its 20th anniversary. The anniversary of the brand was published. When the brand was launched in 2000, vanilla hedonism was the first product. The new limited edition of Felicitas contains three grain whiskies, each distilled in a different decade. Despite its creamy side – hedonism on steroids – it is complex and bottled on 106 samples, which is not really a light standard taste for whisky beginners.

Despite the known strict rules of the Scottish regulator, manufacturers use a range of devices and methods to push the boundaries. One only has to look at the mix with a teaspoon, such as Peatside, which is a 99.9% malt and a 0.01% sister malt (teaspoon), or Syndicate 58/6, which is prepared in the salt system, i.e. it can contain small traces of an older whiskey. And while there is a long tradition of refining whisky in casks that once contained other alcoholic beverages or wines, Mezcal is relatively new to the toolbox. A witness who consistently led Dewar’s experiment on illegal whiskey and mezcal.

These bottles challenge many of the usual expectations of mixed whisky, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is nice to have the old reliable, but because every day is a little different, it is better not to be satisfied with the daily dramas.


Felicitas Scotch’s hedonistic compass box; $175, 94 points. This special high octane edition of the expression of hedonism, created to celebrate the 20th century, is very special. The Compass Box brand, to be released in 2020, is worth looking for. Note the fresh taste of apples and almonds. The particularly soft and tender palate opens with a vanilla pudding and a hot baked apple and ends gently with a cloud of sweet herbs and the final taste of cinnamon. A little water brings up the vanilla, so every sip of cinnamon rolls or vanilla French toast has more vanilla.

Mixed whiskey Duncan Taylor Politician; $20, 93 points. Named after the bar The Politician on the remote Scottish island of Eriskay, this golden whiskey has a sweet, slightly floral taste. Shades of almond, pear and white oil lead to a layer of heated and roasted coconut, to which large amounts of sparkling white pepper are added. Best buy.

Scotch Blackadder Puff Adder; $73, 92 points. This pale mixed whiskey has a fresh apple taste. The buttery palate resonates with a sweetness of apple saturated with moderate smoke, coconut and black pepper. Repeated swallowing changes the balance, the smoke penetrates the fruits and herbs and ends with an iodized and salty solution. However, a moderate amount of smoke increases, not decreases.

Scotch with monkey shoulders. $33, 92 points. This blended whisky opens with a lively taste of freshly cut apples. On the palate, the richness of the caramel gives way to sweet notes of smoke and juicy citrus. You can enjoy this universal casting yourself or recommend it for mixing. Best buy.

Mixed whiskey The Islay Boys Flatnose; $35, 92 points. Golden and shiny in the glass, this whisky offers sweet aromas of roasted grains, hops and white flowers. The silky and delicate palate is reminiscent of this granular nut, but also of oat flakes and ginger herbs. Traces of sea salt in the mouth continue into the long aftertaste. Best buy.

Scotch Islay Mist, 8 years old, 26.90 points. This blended Scotch whisky is produced in Laphroaig, the Islay distillery, which is known for the production of ultra-peated single malt whisky, and offers a more moderate approach to peat. Look for the lush peaty scent and the soft, pleasant mist in the air, mixed with the sweetness of the almonds. Best buy.

Murray McDavid 2010 Peatside Scotch Whisky 6 years old; $65, 90 points. This limited edition is a tea whisky, which means that the bottle contains 99.9% single malt whisky from one distillery, plus a small amount of whisky from another distillery is enough to call it a blend. Sweet smoky smells seduce the nose. The soft air reflects this note and reads like cigar paper and cigar smoke, honey and fruit compote. The herb of pepper and alcohol is heated to dry, so your sip is slightly numb. Adding water dissolves the smoke.

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  • Blended Scotch is More Complex Than You Think

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Scotch Wemyss malt king of spices; $55, 88 points. Concentrated vanilla frames the nose and the air. The first sips also reveal the presence of melting cinnamon and cocoa, complemented by a hint of baked apple.

Syndicate 58/6 Blended Scotch Whisky; $64, 87 points. This blend of Scotch whisky, which is made from a mixture of malt whisky and grain, is prepared in a salt system. But he drinks like a relatively young whiskey. The sweet floral aromas differ from the grassy profile of this whisky. It opens on a tonic, sparkling and slightly mint atmosphere, with a hint of hops, espresso and bitter orange peel. The aftertaste is long and healthy, with a final citrus binding and a hint of alcoholic herbs.

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