Summer is my least favorite time of year, mainly because it’s hot, dry, and generally unpleasant out. I haven’t found much to cheer me up this summer, which is why I decided to put together a wine sampler to help me through the season. This is a collection of six wines paired with three tasting notes on each. I’ve included notes on the wine, the food that went with it, and the price. As with any wine tasting notes, my recommendations are based on my personal preference and my own experience of wine, so if you disagree, please don’t take it the wrong way!

It’s that time of year again when the water temperature starts to drop and the days start to warm up. That means it’s time for our weekly summer wine sampler.

Wines are the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Let’s have a look at some of the best summer wines.

Here’s a fun new Costco find that I’ve heard about from many readers who have already found and enjoyed it: the Hello, Summer blended wine multipack that contains 12 375 ml bottles from around the world. Does this sound familiar?  If you were a fan of the Costco wine advent calendars we wrote about last winter, you may be familiar with this concept, produced by the same people. word-image-11679 We also love the fun style, and when we tasted a few bottles, it was clear that these are hand-picked wines to enjoy in the warmer months.  Below we tell you about our tasting of some bottles. Each box contains five white wines, four red wines and three rosé wines. The wines come from Portugal, Spain, Italy and France and include interesting varieties you don’t see every day, such as Macabeo, Aragonez and Castelao from Portugal, all of which we tasted and enjoyed. word-image-11681 In that sense, the box is a great way to not only quench your thirst, but also expand your wine horizons.  Discovering and tasting new grape varieties from new regions is one of the most interesting parts of the wine journey I take in my life. The price at Costco is $49.99, or about $4 for each half bottle.  It’s not bad. word-image-11682 We found the wines interesting and the range good, but also the format of the bottles offers great convenience.  We noted in our advent calendars: Sometimes you just want a glass of white while you cook or a glass of rosé on a whim.  Here’s an easy way to do it without opening a whole bottle. They are also perfect for refrigerators where the long necks of large wine bottles can protrude. So I think you get a lot for $50. word-image-11683 As usual with these types of kits, we picked four bottles at random to taste, resulting in two reds, one white and one rosé.  We are sharing just a few notes to give you an idea of our experience. The bottom line is that these wines have clearly reached the stage of summer wines. They were light, crisp and refreshing, even the red ones that were tempting in the Atlanta heat when they were young. So let’s go in the box. 2020 Ceu do Norte Rosé This is a rosé from Portugal, made from the unique varieties mentioned above: 80% Aragonese, 20% Castelao.  Light honey-colored wine in the glass with light red fruit; pleasant aromas of strawberry and cherry; light and very crisp. Alc. 11.5%.  It’s summer in a bottle. 2020 El Campeón Macabeo Macabeo is a tasty variety that you don’t often see. Rioja wine can often be found in large wine shops.  It is a medium straw-colored wine with a floral nose, some stone fruits; aromas of peach, nectarine and green apple.  Again, super crisp and light. 11% alc.  It’s a nice summer drink. 2020 Crush Red Blend Portugal This Portuguese red blend is pale ruby in the glass with a spicy, earthy nose; nice aromas; predominantly black fruit, some spicy black cherry and a little pepper on the finish.  A good little wine; 13% alc. 2020 Birds on a Wire Sangiovese Italian Sangiovese has a pale purple color; very dry on the palate, with medium body and red fruit.  This young and juicy wine is a perfect accompaniment to pizza or barbecue. 12,5% alc. Since it’s mid-June, it’s almost the perfect time to choose a refresher for this summer.  Looking forward to trying the rest of the bottles.  Our first impression: The box has an excellent range, some interesting selections and a good mix of varieties.  And the price is right – about $4 a bottle. Enjoy, and if you have any favorite products from the box, please share them in the comments below. CostcoWine item number : 1426807 This wine was received as a sample for the writing of this review. All reviews are written at the discretion of the individual reviewer. A reviewer’s opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of as a whole, and reviewers are not compensated by wineries or their affiliated merchants for their reviews. At, we believe that preferences and opinions about wine are often subjective and highly individual. Our scores are based on our individual perception of the wine and how it reflects the production area, the expressiveness of the grapes and the quality of the final product. We remind readers that we are 100% independent of Costco Wholesale Corporation and are simply a group of Costco wine fans who want to try new wines and share their favorites with this community.

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Summer is a great time to go out and taste some of the summer wines that have been released in the past few months. We hope you find these suggestions useful when you pick up your bottle at the market next week.. Read more about costco summer wine sampler 2021 and let us know what you think.

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