What’s the Soave Classico you ask? According to the people at Soave Classico, it’s the “most charismatic and expressive” Soave product. And to prove that point, the folks at Soave Classico want you to try it. To do so, they’re offering a free bottle of Soave Classico 2017 to the first 1,500 people who sign up for their newsletter at soaveclassico.com. The offer is good while supplies last, and the regular price for a bottle of Soave Classico is $11, so this is a pretty good deal! You can also enjoy any other Soave product you like for a reduced price.

Although Soave and Soave Classico are synonymous, they are two different wines. Soave is the generic name for a dry white wine made in the area south of Verona. Soave Classico is the name for a special wine made in the Soave sub-zone of the Colli Scaligeri district, within the Veneto region. This wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Bianco. The name Soave Classico means “classic” in Italian, and is a designation from 1996. Although the wine was first made in the 1700s, it did not receive Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status until 1996.


April 30 – Long live our lot from you. After an emblematic career of 22 years, the history of the emblematic wine of Inama, whose style is incomparable and unique to Soave Classico, comes to an end. The 2018 harvest will indeed be the last. It will be the end of an era, but it will also herald new developments.

In the 1990s, Stefano Inama implemented his vision of Soave Classico in a sophisticated and non-conformist way, and it was clear from the start that experimentation would be his driving force. Soave’s reputation was at its lowest point at the time, but Stefano dreamed of restoring the dignity of his region by achieving purity and concentration of flavor in his wines.

Du Lot was a revolutionary wine that pushed the boundaries of Soave Classico and changed the typical style of the time: It was the golden age of great barrel wines, and Stefano faced the challenge of showing the world that Soave could reach the heights of the great wines of Burgundy or California.

The experimental vineyard on the Rupestris Du Lot rootstock, which tends to limit the vigor of the vines and reduce the quantity of grapes, has become a testing ground to show everyone that Soave can also achieve great intensity and structure.

This Monte Foscarino plot has managed to produce very concentrated grapes of great complexity. Exuberant, rich and full, the Vigneto Du Lot was a modern Soave that seduced drinkers with its combination of power and elegance.

Over the years, Vigneto Du Lot has maintained its reputation as it developed: The use of wood is gradually reduced to leave more room for the expression of the fruit.  Finally, the vineyard was uprooted at the end of the 2017 harvest.

The 2018 Du Lot wine is made from grapes grown in a nearby vineyard with similar exposure, giving the Inam family reason to consider the future of the wine.  The Du Lot 2018 exhibition concludes an important chapter in the history of the company and the region, in which we have been able to constantly reinvent ourselves through experimentation.

We have always preferred to follow our idea of wine and our vision of our region rather than the market, and once again we feel secure in our decision to carry out a project that still has many supporters, but which we no longer consider to be entirely sympathetic, Stefano’s sons explain.

Matteo, Alessio and Luca, the new generation of the Inama family. Wine Du Lot 2018 will be the last vintage we produce. If you taste it carefully, it will be clear to those who know us that this is a very different wine from the one we had before: It is a wine that is focused on the future. In any case, we came to the conclusion that it was time to abandon this name, which no longer represented our project, and adopt another one, the fruit of our progress in precision viticulture and winemaking while respecting the natural purity of the fruit.

Starting with the 2019 vintage, Du Lot fades away to make way for a new wine, Soave Classico, which offers a completely different interpretation and will be released on the 2nd vintage. June 2021.


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