If you are a wine lover, you may be surprised by the Riesling Kung Fu Girl, an unusual dry wine in Asian style that will not disappoint you.

When you think of Riesling, what fantasy comes to mind? Most people will immediately remember German wines whose unusually dry aroma makes the taste tremble.

But what do you think of American Rieslings? Because that’s what Kung Fu Girl is.

The American Riesling is synonymous with nauseating sweetness that not everyone likes.

But Riesling Kung Fu Girls is going in a completely different direction.

This is no ordinary wine, but it is becoming a big favourite among non-traditional drinkers.

Non-traditional American Riesling

If you’ve ever tasted American Riesling, you’ll find that it’s usually very thick and sweet.

It may be to some people’s taste, but it’s not for everyone. That is why the American Rieslings have such a mixed reputation among wine connoisseurs.

But the kung-fu girl might surprise you. What for? For he is a surprisingly exact copy of the classic German Riesling and completely betrays his American origins.

Silky, with a mineral and limestone balance, this wine bursts with a sour and sinister taste that cannot be ignored.

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What should I know about Kung Fu Girl’s wine?

The Kung Fu Girl 2015 Vintage 100% Riesling is produced in Washington State on the Eternal Green vineyards in the former AVA lakes.

This skip comes from Charles Smith Wine, a totally unconventional winemaker, and their unusual approach is marketed in the form of dry rings.

Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2015 is inspired by the martial arts film! Charles Smith himself watched the famous scene of a fight one evening when he ate Chinese food, when he was suddenly enlightened by the perfect idea.

It will create the perfect white wine for couples with Chinese and Asian cuisine. The result of her inspiration is a kung fu girl.

With its exotic and fruity aromas of apricot, mandarin and world white, this dry Riesling sparkles with freshness and energy while the ground minerals form the heart.

The result is a surprisingly pleasant and clean drink that leaves a fresh and long-lasting taste in the mouth.

Evergreen vineyard

Although a high quality Riesling is generally associated with a high price, this 12% alcoholic wine comes from Washington State, where the most affordable Rieslings are now produced.

The old AVA lakes in the Columbia Valley (named after the 35 lakes scattered over this surprisingly dry area) are one of the youngest sub-regions where Riesling is grown.

Of all the vineyards in the region, Evergreen Vineyard has earned a reputation for the quality of its grapes. The kung fu girl uses this beautiful grape to make her delicious wine.

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Kung-Fu Girls – What does it look like?

Even before opening the bottle to pour a glass, you can see that this wine is something unique and special. The bottle is beautifully decorated with an elegant label that really catches the eye.

It certainly conveys the essence of this Asian style wine perfectly with its Japanese looking images in a strong monochrome color palette that practically jumps off the shelf.

Even if you are not a Riesling fan, you may be tempted to taste this wine thanks to its beautiful packaging.

So what happens when you open the bottle and pour your first glass?

As you would expect with the Riesling, the Kung Fu girl has a pale yellow hue, although it is a bit pale green when lit.

If you compare it to something, it would look like the color of straw. It looks delicious and aesthetically pleasing – just perfect to try.

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Flavours and flavourings

Of course, beauty is not everything – the real quality of wine can only be determined when you smell and taste it. All right, let’s get to the tests!

When you breathe in the scents of this Riesling, you will find floral notes as well as fruity notes of peach and green apple. Among this strong, spicy scent you will certainly find a strong citrus scent of lime and lemon, which perfectly complements the original sweetness.

Even on the nose it can be said that it will be an easy and pleasant tipper that goes well with strong flavours.

When you take your first sip, you will be truly impressed by the power of this wine. Clear and sour in the air, it’s easy to find a clean, crunchy apple that you’ve already noticed on the nose, along with those powerful lime and citrus aromas.

In the long aftertaste you will notice that the fruity aromas become a little harder with an extra tropical note, making the taste even more complex.

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Although it is a dry Riesling, it is surprisingly sweet. Yes, it has a high sugar content, but the sweetness has more to do with the juicy and spicy taste of the fruit.

It is really necessary to keep this bottle in a very cold place to really appreciate the spiciness of the taste. You also have to drink it right away – if you leave it open too long, it loses a lot of acid.

Ideal food pairs

As you can imagine from the inspiration of this drink, this wine goes perfectly with the Chinese or Thai cuisine, duck, pork and seafood.

It’s definitely a choice if you eat something spicy – Mexican, Indian, even Lebanese? the list is long. Basically, if you eat something with a strong taste, you will enjoy the way this Riesling just goes through with a crispy acidity.

It is undoubtedly the perfect wine to enjoy during the summer months. Imagine sitting on the deck enjoying a spicy barbecue over a glass of silky, chilled wine! It’s the best delicacy at the end of a long, hot day.

Have you tasted this wine? Would you recommend it? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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