LANG & REED NAPA VALLEY RELEASED 2019 CHENIN BLANC MENDOCINO st. St. Petersburg. Helena, California, 23 years old. November 2020. – In November of this year, Lang & Reed Napa Valley launched Chenin Blanc Mendocino 2019 ($30.00 SRP) and added a new vintage to its range of elegant wines, including the recently launched Cabernet Franc monograph collection.

Their Chenin Blanc winemaking is the joint work of winemaker John Scupney and his son Reed, who have worked to create white wine on three continents – Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand, Chardonnay in the Napa Valley and Chenin Blanc in the Chinese city of Chinonne, France. For this purpose, the grapes were pressed into whole bunches, left to rest for a day and then transferred to 14 barrels, four of which were stainless steel and ten French oak. Half of the barrels were left to ferment with local yeast and the other half were inoculated with selected organic yeast strains. The final assembly was larger than each of the individual drums. This wine first reveals the aromatic notes of lime blossom, white peach and wildflower honey.  Energetic fruit, in which peach aromas are reflected, unfolds in the air with round flavours of white melon. The wine shows a calm confidence in everything, with a smooth texture, lingering flavor and a hint of minerality on the aftertaste, and has sufficient depth to maintain the complexity and nuance with several years of burial.

2019 Chenin Blanc is the sixth year of Norgard Winery, located in Mendocino County, Northern California. It is made from grapes from the Mendocino region, called Talmaja Bank, specially selected for this bottling. Situated on the eastern bank of the Russian river, in the region where Chenin Blanc flourished for many years, the vineyard was planted in 1978 on a gentle north-facing slope with a large drainage system that allows even ripening without excessive heat accumulation.  Production is still low for this type of credit union; 361 cases were bottled in 2019.

In 2008, Reed and Megan Scupni from Lang & Reed went on an adventure to discover the great wines of the Loire Valley. At home, in Chinon, her research led her to Vouvrei, where the complex, faithful to the typical taste of Chenin Blanc, is inseparably engraved in her taste. The seed of inspiration has been planted: Lang and Reid Chenin Blanc. Faster today when Chenin Blanc wines are in demand, but hard to find. One would never have thought that there would be a real Californian renaissance of this noble grape variety.

Looking for the special charm of Shenan White and Cabernet Frank, Lang & Reed, a winery since 1996 Skupni produces expressive and pleasant wines. They have long been inspired and passionate about giving these wines a chance to shine – truly printed, pure tasting. Recently a tasting room has been opened in the main street of St. Helena. Lang & Reed’s Tracey, John, Reed and Megan Scupney offer intimate tastings by appointment only. To find out more about Lang & Reed Napa Valley and 2019 Mendocino Chenin Blanc and how to buy their wines, visit their website ( and follow them on Instagram (@langandreed) and Facebook (@langandreed).

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