18. February 2021. – Thanks to new marketing tools or channels, wine producers and wine and deli shops have been able to meet the challenges of Covid-19. Their outlook for 2020 is extremely positive and is supported by the fact that consumers continue to enjoy wines and spirits.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris survey of vintners, wine merchants and delis from 5 to 9. February 2021*.

A generally positive result in an eventful year

  • The majority of wine and food retailers (60%) say their sales were good in 2020.
    55 percent of them even note an increase in sales, and 15 percent say sales are stable compared to 2019.
  • Of grape growers, 34% believe their results are positive and 22% believe they are stable compared to 2019.

The wine proved popular for the holidays.

  • In the last quarter of 2020, 58% of wine and deli stores reported a significant increase in sales compared to the previous year.
  • During this period, grape growers recovered with a 25% increase in sales or at least a stable figure of 28%.

A dynamic approach to the sector has stimulated the business community

  • Wine merchants and delicatessens are constantly adapting to their country’s security measures and offering new services such as online sales (18%), home delivery (20%) outside of business hours (5%) or click-and-collect, and the elimination of side orders (7%) to compensate for the almost complete lack of sales at private events (weddings …) and commercial events (tastings …).
  • Winegrowers have also shown initiative and creativity: 35% of them have set up their own e-commerce site during this period, 22% have joined an online platform and 17% have developed sales for wine and gourmet shops. A total of 67% ventured into this new sales channel.

Still wines and spirits did well.

  • Among wine merchants and butchers, red and white wines recorded better sales than in 2019, likely due to their role as evening drinks during curfew and summer. The red and white wines achieved the same results in terms of sales: Wine merchants and delis reported a 53% increase in red wine sales and a 55% increase in white wine sales.
  • Mental health trends have been equally good, with a 50% increase in recent years, confirming a significant rise.
  • Conversely, cults associated with festive occasions suffered from constipation.

Average spending by wine sellers

  • Wine and deli retailers spent more on average on white wine (45%) and red wine (49%), followed by spirits (30%), while sparkling wine remained unchanged at 41% of sales.

Although 66% of winegrowers and pork butchers are optimistic about the future, winegrowers remain somewhat concerned, but also show resistance. 65% of them wish to support and develop their new distribution channels, including digital technology.

The survey showed the strength of the players in the wine world. The industry, resilient by nature, managed to reinvent itself to get back on its feet and found the support of consumers who continued to buy wine and spirits.

* Self-administered questionnaires. Survey of a group of 658 wine producers and 737 wine and delicatessen shops.

For more information on Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2021, visit wineparis-vinexpo.com.


Following the merger of VinoVision and Vinisud, an initiative of all the constituent wine marketing boards and partners, WINE PARIS (founded by COMEXPOSIUM and managed by 13 French wine marketing boards) has strengthened its position thanks to its alliance with VINEXPO, an organiser of international events for wine and spirits professionals. Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris will be the flagship event of the Winexpo Group’s portfolio in 2020.

About Vinexposium

Together with Comexposium, a global event organizer, Vinexpo Holding is the world’s largest organizer of events related to the wine and spirits trade. Vinexposium includes a comprehensive range of high-impact events targeting different market segments, with a portfolio of 10 iconic and acclaimed events: Wine Paris and Vinexpo Paris, WOW! Meetings, Winexpo New York, Winexpo Hong Kong, WBWE Asia, Winexpo Bordeaux, Winexpo Shanghai, WBWE Amsterdam, as well as Winexpo Expo Explorer and World Wine Meetings.

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