InnoVint, one of the most advanced software companies in the wine industry, has announced the launch of a revolutionary mobile application that could change the face of the wine industry in the near future.

This revolutionary software, called InnoVint “Mobile Experience,” is one of the first of its kind to work without an Internet connection. This allows winemakers to access all functions from anywhere, even remotely.

“As a vintner and winemaker, you need to have access to information about your production from anywhere, and that often means remote vineyards and deep wineries,” explains Ashley Dubois Leonard, founder and CEO of InnoVint. “To support your workflow, sometimes you need to work offline, but still enter and retrieve data.” This new experience is optimized for all of these situations and is easy to navigate.”

Mr. DuBois Leonard points out that Mobile Experience is cross-platform and works seamlessly with Android and iOS technologies. She points out that the software allows users to easily switch from one device to another while maintaining online and offline functionality. “You don’t have to wait for these spinners to work,” Leonard says. “Your data is already stored on your device.”

The new InnoVint mobile experience not only offers a fresh and fun application design, but is also designed to integrate with the company’s renowned vineyard monitoring and management software modules, enabling superior vineyard monitoring in the field. The new Mobile Experience application also includes advanced bin-scanning technology that allows users to quickly identify the juice or wine in a tank or barrel by scanning a barcode with the mobile device’s camera.

“The barrel scanning function is based on the current ability to see the chemical composition of the juice or wine, group the barrels and add or remove them in working condition,” confirms Dubois Leonard. Noting that the Covid 19 crisis has accelerated the development of mobile telephony in many industries, Mr. Dubois Leonard says that the InnoVint application is a direct result of identifying customer needs.

“We try to combine any advice or suggestion we get from our customers with our software expertise to adapt and improve our applications for our industry,” said Mr. Dubois Leonard. “We bring our best SaaS technology to winemakers to ensure their success not only tomorrow, but for the next five and ten years, so we can all stay one step ahead.”

InnoVint has experienced healthy commercial growth over the past 12 months, despite the difficulties faced by Covid. The company has doubled the size of its team and increased its investment in mobile technology.

InnoVint will release a beta version of the new mobile experience in the quarter of 2021. For more information or a demonstration of the new mobile experience, please contact us at [email protected] or visit

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