Natural Sparkling, or Pét-nat, is the oldest method of sparkling wine, but its semi-transparency has become increasingly popular lately. Pet Nats are mostly made by trendy young winemakers and can be found on the shelves of every Indian wine shop in the country.

Their popularity is also due to the fact that they consume less alcohol, have a light, juicy, fruity taste and are naturally tasty. Nata is ideal to drink during the day, for postprandial absorption or to cuddle in the evening, it is relaxing and fun.

Gilbert 2019 increased Sangiovese Petillant Natural (Mudgee); $27, 93 points. Three and a half hours drive from Sydney, in the cool climate and the Mudgee Highlands, these Sangiovese petals have a misty pink hue at sunset. With the scent of cut flowers, candied watermelon, ginger and yeast apples, it jumps with individuality. The texture is also interesting: Grate and chalk with juicy fruit and a little bitter orange at the end. Relax and bring it to the picnic. Little peacock import. Editorial selection. -Christina Picard

Solminer 2019 Pink Petal Dog Hair (Santa Barbara District); 38, 92 points. This pure version of Pet-Nata starts with a rose lemon, apricot blossom and a hint of strawberry on the nose. The aromas are crunchy and concentrated, with a light apricot and red pear on a very generous foam. -Mother Kettmann

Albatross Ridge 2018 Natural Rosé Pinot Noir Sparkling (Monterrey); 45,91 points. Muddy pink and reddish apricot in the glass, this refreshing sparkle reveals peach, talc and spicy citrus scents on the nose. The sweetness of the lively lemon and orange peel flavours, followed by warmer notes of melon and funnier flavours of pizza and dough, is a wild ride. -M.C.

Delinquente 2019 Tuff Nutt Bianco D’Alessano Sparkling (Riverland); 20.91 points. The Pet Nate vintage is so cool that, unlike the Australian cliché, it is the perfect break to surprise and delight newcomers with the varied and modern range of wines from Oz. It has the color of muddy lemon juice, but also smells of freshly squeezed lemon and the peel. Fragrant wild herbs such as fennel and thyme are also present, as well as the shimmering minerality of the rocks, but in fact they are citrus fruits. Dry and nourished with energy bubbles, it is crunchy, stony, lemony and penetrating at the same time. Strange, wild, lively and very tasty. Hudson wine broker. Editorial selection. -S.P.


Folk Tale 2019. Speaking animals Petylant Nature (Monterrey County); $30, 91 points. This Pet Nate white Grenache from Mission Ranch vineyard is muddy in the glass and refreshing on the nose, with lots of grapefruit peels, river berries, lime and a hint of pear picking. The palate captures the Asian pear nut and strengthens the minerality of the wet stone. It’s nice and fragrant. -M.C.

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Raw Grain 2019 Chiona Old Petillant-Natural Lemberger Vineyard (Red Mountain); 28.91 points. This wine comes from the first Lemberger vines planted in the country in 1976. The tasty aromas of lemon meat, citrus fruit and baked bread are accompanied by sharp, lively citrus notes. The electrical acid brings them back to life. It’s the insulting charm of a wine. Editorial selection. -Shan P. Sullivan

Pet 2019 Project Natural Acadia Vineyard Organic Sparkling Area Mix (Columbia Gorge); $32, 90 points. It’s a mix of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The aromas of pears and strawberries lead to the apple aroma and crisp acidity in the taste of paradise, which increases interest. -S.S.

Left coast 2018 Queen of Pinot Noir (Van Douiser corridor); 36.88 points. This hypnotic sheen is made in the Pet-Nate style and sealed with a crown cap. An interesting wrinkle is that artificial honey was used for secondary fermentation, as well as the yeast that naturally fell to the bottom of the bottle. Light citrus aroma with, yes, a hint of honey, pleasant to wear. Like all Pet Nate wines, it should be drunk young and fresh. -Paul Gregutt

Published on the 9th December 2020

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