Wine Industry Charity Event An event to raise money for Santa Barbara County Non-profit Food Bank’s holiday meals through an online raffle; the closing date for entries is the 11th anniversary of the event. December 2020.

Santa Barbara County Women Winemakers Launch Virtual Opportunity Drawing in Support of Foodbank of Santa Barbara County SBV Winegrowers Heather Danitz | Crafts and grapes

27. November 2020 – Santa Ynez Valley, California – Organizers of the annual Santa Barbara County Women’s Wine Festival ( Filmmakers’ Celebration), a charity event traditionally held every year on International Women’s Day (March 8), have created a festive virtual lottery moment for the benefit of the local non-profit organization Foodbank of Santa Barbara County (

The female winemakers presented bottles of wine for the lottery and tickets for future impressions. All ticket revenues will be donated to the Santa Barbara County Food Bank to support the organization in its much needed food distribution efforts as a result of increased demand this year, largely due to the impact of COVID on the district’s economy. Drawing is possible until 11 a.m. December 2020 available here:

The holiday and winter months are usually difficult times for those we serve. This year the economic effects of VIDOC-19 led to a strong increase in demand. The food bank continually doubles the amount of food we distribute in a typical year, says Laurel Alcantar, Santa Barbara County Food Bank Development Manager. We are sincerely grateful to the winemakers for this and for helping us ensure access to healthy food for all members of our community during this festive season.

The annual celebration of female winemakers brings together a diverse selection of women winemakers from Santa Barbara County to show their support for each other and for other women working around the world. The event in March – the Sunday brunch at the Röblar farm in Santa Ynez – brings together about 20 winemakers and the most important ladies of the Santa Ynez Valley each year. They work together to create multicultural banquets combined with a selection of wines from their winemaking colleagues.

Until the 11th. December 2020, here you will find the three levels of the draw, and the draw of the winner and the corresponding announcement will take place on the 13th. December. Prizes can be collected from Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard in Solvang, California, or can be purchased from the age of 14. December. Ticket levels :

  • 50.00 / ticket – a (1) box of Santa Barbara wine, made by female winemakers (12 bottles of 750 ml), worth a minimum of $500.00.
  • 25,00 / ticket – half a box (6 bottles) of these wines worth $250,00
  • 50.00 / ticket – digital gift basket filled with passports to the tasting rooms of various winemakers, special coupons for online special offers, intimate meeting with the winemaker and other items, to be determined; the cost is estimated at $500.00.

At this time of year we are generally in the early stages of planning next year’s Woman’s Wine Festival and while there is still a lot of uncertainty as to whether we can hold the event in March 2021, we can still make a difference at the most opportune time, said Karen Steinwax, co-founder of the annual Woman’s Wine Festival, Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard and owner/operator of the Seagrape Wine Company.

In the event of a pandemic, the Festival of Women Winegrowers traditionally returns on the 8th. March 2021: evaluation of the event; new updates and details about the ATC. For more information about the plans to celebrate the winemakers in March 2021, please contact Anna Ferguson-Sparks, Stiletto Marketing, at 1.877.327.2656 or[protected by email].

Through the Santa Barbara County Food Bank.

The Santa Barbara County Food Bank is a 501(c)3 organization that helps end hunger and change the health of the people of Santa Barbara County through good nutrition. The Food Bank plays a pioneering and expert role in helping the Community improve nutrition in Santa Barbara County by improving food security at all times, including in response to natural disasters. The Santa Barbara County Food Bank is proud of its award-winning educational programs that not only nourish, but also enrich and strengthen the community. One in four people in the district uses food from the food bank, while 40% of the people served by the food bank are children. Through practical training and plans tailored to local needs, the food bank helps people of all ages to acquire food knowledge. For more information about participation and/or donations, please visit:

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