SevenFifty Announces Custom eCommerce Portals for Wholesale Alcohol Distributors 

The technology leader in alcohol production has launched SevenFifty Online Shops, white-label business-to-business e-commerce sites that enable retailers to place orders directly on their sites.

SevenFifty Announces Custom eCommerce Portals for Wholesale Alcohol Distributors  NEW YORK, New York, 14. December 2020. – SevenFifty Technologies (, a leading online marketplace and data platform for the U.S. alcohol industry, today announced the launch of Online Shops, a customizable business-to-business e-commerce portal that will provide alcohol traders with a digital platform for their portfolios.

The brand store, based on SevenFifty data, provides fast and accessible access to a dedicated e-commerce website with up-to-date price and product information, targeted promotions, customized brand design elements and unparalleled access to user analytics.

With the Covid 19 pandemic, which has accelerated e-commerce and digitisation trends at all levels of the industry, the demands of wholesalers for a digital strategy have increased. Fully integrated business-to-business e-commerce is becoming increasingly necessary for a cost-effective transition to the new wholesale alcohol standard.

SevenFifty enables channel partners to adapt to these trends with online stores that help channel partners meet the growing expectations of restaurant owners and retail buyers who increasingly manage their business processes online. Since 2012 SevenFifty connects buyers with its portfolio of business partners in its online marketplace. Customers can now place orders directly on the retailer’s website, where they can access all the familiar e-commerce features such as order history and replenishment options, advanced search functions and invoice management – all within the company’s unique SevenFifty digital branding system.

More than 1,000 U.S. retailers have already directly integrated with SevenFifty to place their portfolios in the total market where buyers search and place orders online. Adding online stores to your digital offering can simplify the management of multiple e-commerce channels, automatically synchronizing descriptions, images, prices and other product data across all sites. With orders in the SevenFifty marketplace reaching $1 billion by 2020, distributors can now take advantage of this growing opportunity through the e-commerce channels associated with SevenFifty.

Many retailers want a full range of their digital offerings with their own e-commerce solution so that customers can order directly from their website, says SevenFifty President Gianfranco Verga.

But the off-the-shelf e-commerce offering is not up to the complexity of the data and rules of alcohol wholesale, and the idea of developing custom software is often too expensive and time consuming. With existing data on SevenFifty products, we can help our distribution partners secure this final piece of the puzzle and bring their online store to market very quickly, so they can remain competitive in the post-Covid environment.

Orders placed through online stores can be forwarded directly to the wholesale stock and control systems (ERP) to ensure an efficient ordering process while maintaining a repo relationship. Currently, most major ERP and order entry systems enable the integration of 750 orders.

Distributors now have access to valuable data on e-business and e-commerce user behavior on their own websites. The online shops will provide real-time data on consumer behaviour on the website and will activate unprecedented new marketing opportunities in the alcohol wholesale sector.

About SevenFifty

SevenFifty brings innovative technology and data to the alcohol-free alcohol industry with next-generation solutions that provide a three-pronged supply chain. The company’s people-centered approach to technology enables manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers and restaurants to use all the tools they need to communicate and do business in today’s world.


SevenFifty Announces Custom eCommerce Portals for Wholesale Alcohol Distributors 

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