19. March – 17. March 2021 Sippd, the personal wine merchant and marketplace that identifies the best wines for one’s palate in personal dining and online shopping, announces the launch of its mobile app. Available for free on the iOS and Android stores, Sippd uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide wine lovers of all levels with the data they need to simplify and personalize their wine purchases.

Online wine sales jumped from 2% to 10% between April and November 2020, with online wine sales increasing by 153% and total orders increasing by 190%. In 2021, the trend toward online shopping will continue, and Sippd’s mobile app reflects the behavior and habits of consumers who increasingly rely on online shopping to solve their wine problems. Users see their individual taste match score for each wine, as well as tasting notes, food and wine pairings, unbiased reviews and more. The Sippd app will give wine consumers the confidence to discover new wines in a huge market, while minimizing the fear of not liking the product.

Sippd was created to empower consumers to make informed wine purchases through the power of AI and personalization, says Blake Hershey, co-founder and CEO of Sippd. We all have unique tastes, and the world of wine can be intimidating. Rather than relying on expert advice that may not be available in the digital world, Sippd is a one-stop shop where you can confidently choose wine, expand your knowledge of the subject matter, and benefit from your experience.

The innovative features of the Sippd mobile application are as follows:

  • Taste matching technology. An individual tasting score from 1 to 100 indicates how much someone will enjoy each wine – the higher the score, the closer the preference.
  • Scan and open. Scan the wine list of any restaurant and see the digitized mecca of wine knowledge at your fingertips. Browse community reviews, tasting notes, wine-food pairings and more to choose the best bottle for the occasion.
  • Buy more than 10.000 wines online. Find out what wines you like before you order, by consulting the wine list of restaurants and shopping online at selected wine shops. Discover trendy wines in the Sippd community, buy seasonal dishes and have wines delivered to your home.
  • Keep an eye on your loved ones. Consult the list of wines you want, order and evaluate in your profile with your personal wine list. This way you can quickly save and order your favorite bottles.
  • Specific Recommendations. As your profile grows, Sippd will become increasingly capable of instantly identifying and recommending wines on a menu or in an online store that match your taste.

The Sippd app can not only identify the best wines according to your personal taste, but also find the best prices. Users can search restaurants or online wine shops near them that fit their tastes and budget, order the best wine for their group, and share their thoughts with other shoppers to build our community.

Simplify and transform your online dining and shopping experience with personalized wine recommendations to suit your tastes. Download Sippd for free from the Apple and Google Play stores. For more information, please contact Alicia Ortiz, communications manager, at [email protected]. Retailers interested in learning more about using their products in Sippd can email our team at [email protected].

About Sippa.

Sippd allows people to focus on tasting their wine rather than ordering it. By combining artificial intelligence and wine, Sippd helps wine lovers find and order wines that suit their tastes. Our taste matching features allow us to give you personalized wine recommendations that constantly evolve based on your preferences, so you can easily order the perfect bottle, every time. Don’t waste money on bottles you don’t like. Instead, simplify and transform your online wine experience with Sippd, an AI-powered personal sommelier who knows your tastes. The free Sippd mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple Store here and from Google Play here. For more information, visit sippd.com.

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