April 13 – Vin Social announced its first-ever crowdfunding campaign this week in partnership with Wefunder and Project Arora. The company invites its community to become co-owners of Vin Social, a startup that flourished during the pandemic by creating a virtual hospitality solution that allows businesses to welcome and entertain customers through interactive tasting experiences of craft wine and spirits brands and experiential education and entertainment programs. Click HERE for an overview of the events program.

Vin Social, originally known as New York’s experimental social club supporting the world stable of small and diverse producers, has always strived to make the world of wine more inclusive, accessible and less stuffy by highlighting the stories of the passionate producers behind the bottles.

During the pandemic, the company grew rapidly from winery tours and quarterly premium wine and spirits subscriptions to virtual craft wine and spirits tastings, with an average participation rate of 89%. The most revolutionary companies in the tech industry started where Vin Social is today: creating experiences that people want. Vin Social does so with style and sophistication, says Brian Sowards, investor in Vin Social.

Vin Social has been generating steady revenue since July 2020 and has brought in over $750,000 from clients such as Salesforce, Tealium, Adweek, Dell Technologies and Verizon. With COVID, many companies have had to get more creative with their events, and Vin Social does an excellent job of that. The flywheel of their service and product is significant and with every [paid] event, Vin Social gets almost two new presenters, says Claudius Mbemba, Neu’s technical director and business advisor.

As one of the pioneers in the fast-growing virtual events industry, Vin Social aims to capitalize on the projected $700 billion growth in this decade. Our team of experienced technical event producers, skilled designers and talented operators, combined with a nationwide mechanism to deliver products, provides a complete solution to zoom a very thirsty and demanding audience at a great price, says Sarah Moll, founder and CEO of Vin Social.

According to the Harvard Business Review, women-led startups accounted for just 2.3 percent of total venture capital funding by 2020. This staggering statistic led to the Wine Society’s founder, Sarah Moll, being fired to find another way to raise funds. Vin Social’s crowdfunding campaign, in partnership with WeFunder, gives its fans the opportunity to participate in the company and share in its future success, while also helping to democratize access to investment through crowdfunding regulations. Potential investors receive an equity stake for a minimum investment of $100, as well as benefits such as delivery of select wines and access to investor-only networking events.

In less than eight months, Vin Social shipped more than 7,000 bottles to event attendees across the country. Vin Social has remained true to its mission to provide access to diverse and sustainably produced wines and spirits, and to increase the sales and popularity of many small businesses that were traumatized by the closure of Covid. As a woman-owned business, we are proud to support the DEI [Diversity, Equity, Inclusion] program by partnering with small businesses owned by minorities. We provide our brand partners with an alternative channel to communicate directly with consumers and the opportunity to build their business and brands online through virtual white glove events that yield significantly higher returns than in-person events. We are also delighted to be able to offer unemployed sommeliers and spirits specialists work by securing their homes, says Lily Stiles, CEO of Vin Social.

To learn more about Vin Social’s fundraising and investment goals, visit their Wefunder page.

About Vin Social

Vin Social is a leading virtual hospitality service for leading brands and technology companies through a unique online program and e-commerce platform. Customers host Social Vin to engage, retain and transform their most valuable relationships.

Vin Social aims to support small, sustainable producers by serving as an alternative channel for direct communication with consumers and honoring these dedicated producers through the authentic telling of their story. In addition, Vin Social is looking for several sommeliers and spirits specialists as on-demand talent and producers for its virtual hospitality programs.

For more information, please visit


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