Quinta da Côrte is a Portuguese winery, located in the Vila Nova de Foz Côa municipality, to the south of Porto, Portugal. Quinta da Côrte is a family winery, established in 1987 by Wilson Daniels, a Canadian wine enthusiast. The winery is named after the farm that was initially used for vineyard cultivation, situated in the Vila Nova de Foz Côa municipality.

Quinta da Côrte is the first new winery to be added to Wilson Daniels’ Portuguese beverage portfolio since the winemaker’s acquisition of Moorland Hills in 2008. Wilson Daniels’ investment is a return to Portugal, where the brand’s first winery was in business from 1730 to 1850. Quinta da Côrte is located in the Vale dos Vinhedos region, just north of the iconic wine region of Douro.



Wilson-Daniels-Announces-the-2020-Vintage-Release-from-Historic-ProvenceNew York, NY (May 25, 2021) — Wilson Daniels, a fine wine importer, is proud to announce the acquisition of Quinta da Côrte to its national portfolio, marking the company’s first foray into Portugal. The 19th century estate in Cima Corgo, in the heart of the Douro Valley, encapsulates Wilson Daniels’ fundamental principles — a family-owned producer of historical importance producing terroir-driven wines.

Quinta da Côrte has been dedicated to growing indigenous grape varietals—namely Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, and Tinta Barroca—across its 25 hectares of classification A vines since the estate’s initial plantings in 1814. Quinta da Côrte is owned by the Austruy family, whose ancient Provence winery Commanderie de Peyrassol joined Wilson Daniels’ portfolio in April. The Austruy family believes in sustainable viticulture in order to maintain the natural balance between the vines and the soil.

Wilson Daniels President Rocco Lombardo stated, “I’m delighted to extend our working relationship with the Austruy family and to welcome Quinta da Côrte to Wilson Daniels.” “Philippe and his colleagues take great pains to create wines that are evocative of a feeling of place and therefore reflect the peak of a region’s potential. It made perfect sense for our portfolio to enter the Douro with Quinta do Côrte, who is passionately dedicated to terroir expression, minimum interference, and hospitality.”

The vines of Quinta do Côrte were owned by the same local farmer until 1927, when the Pacheco e Irmos family bought them. The grapes were sold to the region’s main port-producing family at the time, who made single-vineyard, small-production vintage port out of them.

Philippe Austruy then went to the Douro in 2012, where he quickly fell in love with the Quinta. He noticed the vineyard’s proclivity for producing opulent red wines due to its northern exposure and unique schist soils and bought the land. Austruy meticulously restored the ancient vineyard, winemaking facilities, and La Casa, the estate’s 19th-century building with guest rooms and an on-site restaurant for guests.

With the 2013 vintage, the Quinta released its first wine under its own label, an exquisite Douro red that showcased the terroir’s best qualities. Quinta da Côrte now provides a boutique collection that includes two dry red wines, a late-bottled field blend, and a variety of quality tawny wines. The family also makes a beautifully made vintage port in the best of years.

“From the outset, Quinta da Côrte has been a labor of love,” stated Philippe Austruy, Proprietor of Quinta da Côrte. “It’s been 15 years since we first set out on our Douro adventure, and our commitment to producing high-quality wines in the great Portuguese tradition has remained unwavering. Wilson Daniels recognizes and values this commitment, and has previously proved to be an equally dedicated partner, first with Peyrassol and now with Quinta da Côrte.”

The Quinta’s complete line of dry red wines and ports, including Princesa 2018, the flagship Quinta da Côrte 2016, Porto Vintage 2015, Porto Late Bottled Vintage 2015, Porto Tawny 10 Years, and Porto Tawny 20 Years, will be released in May by Wilson Daniels.

Wilson Daniels’ Biography

Wilson Daniels is a fully integrated, family-owned marketing and sales business that represents a highly selected portfolio of the world’s most unique wines. Wilson Daniels was founded in 1978. Wilson Daniels is committed to upholding and elevating the high standards established by its founders, Win Wilson and Jack Daniels, by forming long-term strategic relationships with premium producers that have a deep understanding of terroir and are regional leaders. Wilson Daniels’ website may be found at www.wilsondaniels.com.

Quinta da Côrte (Quinta da Côrte)

The Quinta da Côrte, located in the golden triangle of the world’s most renowned Quintas, takes pleasure in its distinct individuality. Since being purchased by Philippe Austruy in 2013, the Quinta has undergone a significant investment program aimed at reaching the degree of quality that this exceptional terroir is capable of producing. Quinta da Côrte makes wines with remarkable depth of character by treating the land with care and utilizing ancient techniques updated in light of the newest developments. Its original style gives eloquent witness to schist soils and a mix of outstanding local types. Visit www.quintadacorte.com to discover more about Quinta da Côrte.



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