Wine Docuseries CRUSH to Premiere 12/18 on SOMM TV

Wine Docuseries CRUSH to Premiere 12/18 on SOMM TV Winemaker Art Murray and Sommelier Shaker Jones from CRUSH Docuseries

(North Hollywood – CALIF.) – SOMM TV will release its latest news on Friday the 18th. December, the new documentary series CRUSH. The first episode of Crush, hosted by New York sommelier Shakerah Jones, will take viewers on a journey from vintage exploration to bottling in Sonoma County, California in the fall of 2020.

CRUSH is an original television series by SOMM and the first of the network to be made entirely by a trio of women: Writer and director Christina Wise, producer Diana Carpenter, who is also co-founder of Forgotten Man Films, and head sommelier Shaker Jones. Each of them brings a great experience from a different angle into the world of wine, food and the visual story.

The first episode shows Jones harvesting grapes in the Dry Creek Valley near Healdsburg, California, with winemaker Art Murray and his family, and Flambeau winemaker Ryan Pritchard. He then joins the Murrays of the Grand Cru vineyard when the grapes from the vineyard are delivered.

It was a pleasure to work with truly inspiring women and set up an unfamiliar story about how much of the wine production is done in a private, purpose-built facility where several winemakers make wine, Carpenter says: People often do not realise that small wineries do not have the means to build sophisticated wine-growing facilities on an estate. This documentary tells their story through the lens of the Murray family of Flambeaux Wine.

Shaker is a natural in front of the camera and we had a lot of fun with the Murray family. Everyone in Sonoma is so inspired and extremely resilient in pushing the harvest and grape production through and after the 2020 fires, Wise said, referring to the major fires that still challenge California’s wine regions.

Jones shares her journey and everything she learns along the way about the winemaking process. She meets grand cru owner Robert Morris and another winemaker, Justin Seidenfeld of Ross Knoll Vineyard, tastes wines in barrels and witnesses the action as several wineries produce wine on site. A short 30-second trailer presenting the first episode is available on

Christine Wise is part of the team that made and produced the documentary series SOMM together with director Jason Wise and filmmaker Jackson Myers. Carpenter joined the series as executive producer of SOMM’s second and third films.

SOMM TV is an independent network of films, shows and podcasts about wine, food and travel, without joining a group of sommeliers or a wine organisation.

SOMM TV is the first SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) streaming platform and a complete network of podcasts for wine, food and travel. It contains exclusive new programmes, films and educational content developed from the ground up by the team that made the award-winning documentary series SOMM.

For viewers, SOMM TV is available on any device and smart TV around the world through a dedicated application and website, and free podcasts can be found on all major platforms, including iTunes and Spotify. SOMM TV is available for only $49.99 for a full year.


Wine Docuseries CRUSH to Premiere 12/18 on SOMM TV

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