The year 2020 is still more than two years away, which doesn’t seem like a lot of time. But, it’s enough to allow wineries in Portugal to plan for the future, and to also look back at the past year, which was a turbulent one. For example, the Japanese wine market dropped by more than six percent in 2019, despite the government’s best efforts to freeze the sale of French and California wines.

In spite of the challenges, Portugal’s exports of wine 2020 have reached a positive outcome, especially in the United States. The Wines of Portugal 2020 USA Report prepared by the Portuguese Institute of Wine and Spirits (IPAV) shows that in the first 10 months of 2018, Portugal exported 407,000 hectoliters of wines to the United States. This represents an increase of 10.6% compared to the same period in 2017 (368,000 hectoliters).


NEW YORK, NY, May 12, 2021 – The year 2020 has brought a number of challenges for most sectors of the economy, and the wine industry is no exception. Despite a difficult year, Wines of Portugal has achieved very positive results, largely thanks to the commitment and hard work of our winemakers, distributors and global allies in the US.

Although 2020 was marked by unexpected circumstances, Portuguese exports increased by 3.2% in value and 5.3% in volume (to 846 million euros and 3.1 million hectolitres respectively). The United States remains the second largest market for Portuguese wines in the world, after France. This includes the sale of wine for distillation in bottles and in barrels. The US market for Portuguese wines increased by 3.1% in value and 13.5% in volume (to 92 million euros or 257 thousand hectolitres).

Despite the events of the past year, Wine Portugal’s growth in the United States has been extremely positive, thanks to the tireless efforts of our producers and their continued investment in this important market. We are grateful that consumers have found solace in our wines during this unprecedented period, and we look forward to seeing them again in the near future, said Frederico Falcao, President of ViniPortugal.

In terms of classified Portuguese wines, including bottles of DOP and PGI, the United States remains the second largest destination in the world for these wines, just behind Brazil. In 2020, the position of these bottles in the U.S. market increased by 13.4% or 59 million euros in value, reflecting only a slight decrease per liter (2.9%).

For PDO wines alone, exports to the United States rose by 3.8% in value (EUR 28.7 million) and 8.7% in volume (92,798 hectolitres).

Exports of PGIs increased the most: +25.4% in value and 29.2% in volume (23.6 million euros or 98,088 hectolitres).

Despite the unique challenges of the year, these results were made possible by the hard work and collective efforts of our winemakers, distributors and partners around the world.

Wines of Portugal thanks you for your continued support and wishes you a fruitful and wine-rich 2021. Saude!

On the wines of Portugal

ViniPortugal is a private inter-professional non-profit association created to promote and support the Portuguese wine industry at national and international level. ViniPortugal’s mission is to promote the image of Portugal as a country producing wines of the highest quality, to strengthen the Wine of Portugal brand and to contribute to the sustainable growth of the volume and average price of Portuguese wine, as well as its diversity. Eight professional associations representing the trade (ACIBEV, ANCEVE and AND), the production (CAP, FENADEGAS, FENAVI and FEVIPOR) and the demarcated regions (ANDOVI) unite ViniPortugal.

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